Smart E-Monitoring Management for Employee’s Performance :Assessment Using Keylogger Assessment

In today’s era, stimulation of various structure of electronic monitoring enables the significant improvement of management in an organization. Aiming an effort to enhance the employee performance which is directly proportional to the growth of any company, various organizations are increasingly using technologies to electronically observe their employees on job. The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of electronic surveillance on various parameters to monitor the performance of an employee. The current surveillance systems of three different organizations have been observed and the sample input of 20 employees from each company is considered for the research purpose. It has been examined that, these systems are majorly relied on the login and log out timing of the employees and overall performance is directly proportional to their punctuality and sincerity. There is no any surveillance system formerly implemented that can monitor the overall activity of the employees on the system during working hours, in order to enhance the productivity of the organization and relatively of the employee. So, the proposed system not only examine the current parameters of observation but also implemented keylogger in the system that enables the proficient monitoring of any computer system during working hours. The proposed system will help to reduce the deficit come across in the management to increase the overall performance of an organization without breaching anyone’s privacy as it is strongly recommended that the e-monitoring system should be transparent.

Authors Detail

Payal Kumawat MBA (final Year),, MANIT, Bhopal
Dr.Bikrant Kesari, Assistant professor Department of management Studies, MANIT,Bhopa

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